Seaweed traveller
...и это будет сон как песня, но песня без слов, я упал спиной в траву, и в глазах облака, будут птицы звенеть над моей головой, хоть на миг, но я стану зеленой травой...(с)
Results for 5th May 1994* :

* You were born on a Thursday.
* Your star sign is Taurus.
* Your birthstone is Emerald.
* The season was Spring.
* You were born in the Chinese year of the Dog.
* The US President was Bill Clinton (Democratic).
* The UK Prime Minister was John Major (Conservative).
* You are 15 years 7 months 19 days old.
* It is 132 days until your next birthday.
* In dog years you are 105 years old.
* You are 5,712 days old.
* You are approximately 137,089 hours old.
* You are approximately 493,521,182 seconds old.